Production Design, Art Direction, Film Development,
Custom Tailoring & Costumes,
Sets, Props, Practical & VFX,
Patterns, Prototypes, Decor & Fabrication

~ For the entertainment & creative industries ~

721 South 400 West

By By appointment: 11am - 6pm, Tuesday through Saturday


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Jen McGrew here ( NYU Tisch 2000): Psyched to see fellow grads again this year at the Tisch Alumni Party. Please call or text if you can rendezvous during the festival– we’d love to talk to you about your next film project plus give you a tour of our production design studios while you’re here:) 801-913-6762 #tischsundance

Our Specialties Include:

  • Pre-production builds.

  • On-set management of your production's physical assets.

We solve the toughest and most unusual design challenges.

Our clients and projects are diverse and awesome.

A few of them include:

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(not counting our hundreds of individuals
who each should have their own logos, too!)

"These people might be magicians... or wizards... or something... My new costumes are amazing and they are the coolest people ever!"

Brent R.

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Our Salt Lake Tightlacer label:
~ Best Custom Corsets ~

Our Film Flight From Shadow:
~ Winner of Four Filmed in Utah Awards ~

Our clients ADORE us

Let's get to work on your amazing project.


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